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Probably every woman fears breast cancer. having a doctor that shows concern for her patients with that fear is awsome ! Dr. Robin Cole at the women’s natural health center in dallas tx. ( 4100 McEwen suite 130 ) was kind and patient. she answered every question i had. and i felt she was honest about the answer. when i went in to have the thermal imaging done, i had a sense of dread . ( mainly cause of what the experience will be like ) Dr. Robin eased that dread . by the time i left ( which was about 15 min. later ) i felt glad that i chose this place. the girl at the front desk was wonderful. i recommend women’s natural health center to any woman that is thinking or needs this done. great place.

– Karen

My experience was excellent. I loved that I got in and out. This was my first experience with a thermogram instead of a mammogram and I am now waiting for the results. Robin Cole, DC was very professional. Would highly recommend.

– Julie

Comments were helpful and the receptionist was very friendly on the phone when I called! Looking forward to my painless mammogram via thermography.

– Debby

Dr. Karen and staff are helpful, friendly and I’ve seen terrific results. Highly recommended!

– Beth Kahlich

I have worked with Dr. Karen since June 2011 and she has been instrumental in helping move from constant pain to none, to a healthier lifestyle with good food choices. She encourages my self discipline, is very knowledgeable, gentle and has an engaging sense of humor.

– Google User

Dr. Karen is so friendly, and her staff are always looking for new ways to deal with women’s health issues. I highly recommend them to any woman who is having issues with weight gain or migraines, since our hormones really can affect those 2 things, and they have many different solutions when it comes to getting your hormones back in check.

– Google User

They helped my daughter feel better too!

– Google User

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