In Texas, the fall season is magnificent with the weather and the beautiful flowers but it also comes with a lot of environmental allergies for the majority of people. Allergies to pollen produced by the ragweed plant are the most common. It can cause symptoms like sinusitis, flu-like symptoms, headaches, congestion, upper respiratory symptoms like asthma etc.

I ask this question often to my patients: How come some people get allergies during the Fall Season and some others don’t?

Because if the environment was the cause of the allergies then everyone would have allergies during the fall season. But we know that’s not the case. There are people that don’t get allergies at all.

Then the question is: How come some people get allergies and others don’t?

Most people would then say its genetic or hereditary which is also not true in 98% of the cases. You may have a pre-disposition to certain environmental allergens but unless those genes are triggered they would not cause such allergies.

So what triggers it? Your lifestyle. Which goes hand in hand with your immune system.

Your lifestyle can either be your biggest asset or your worst enemy. Your immune system is controlled by the master organ of the body which is your Brain. The only way your immune system will work at full capacity its by having a strong nervous system. If there is chronic inflammation caused by your lifestyle choices then your body won’t be able to fight invaders and will make you more vulnerable to environmental stressors like pollen, therefore leading to allergies.

But if you live a lifestyle that will promote a healthy brain and therefore a healthy immune system, then your body will be able to handle anything you throw at it. That’s why there are people that don’t get sick often and when they do, they recover a lot faster than other individuals.

Your lifestyle includes: what you eat, what you drink, how much exercise you do, what medications you take or supplements, what toxins you are exposed to, how much stress you are exposed to etc.

So simple steps you can do to avoid allergies: make sure you get your nervous system checked or evaluated to see if its functioning at full capacity, get blood work done to find out what your body needs in terms of supplementation and avoid any foods that will cause inflammation like: sugars, dairy, soy, gluten, packaged food, fast foods and bad fats (canola oil, corn oil, vegetable oil).