Understanding Breast Cancer

It is believed that everyone has cancer cells. The theory is that normal cells become cancerous when exposed to carcinogens (cancer-causing substances), viruses, fungus, or radiation. Normally a person’s immune system will keep any cancerous growth under control. But when our immune system is weakened by toxic foods, hormone imbalances, medications, harmful environments, troubled relationships, or stress; the cells are allowed to grow completely independent of all normal regulatory functions.

Why Does Cancer Target the Breast?

The breasts are primarily composed of glands and a high concentration of blood vessels and fat cells. The breast tissue serves as a receptor site for estrogen. In fact, the fat cells produce and breakdown estrogen. The chemical breakdown of estrogen produces cancer-causing byproducts which could result in breast cancer.  These chemicals then cause the nearby DNA to mutate into cancers. At Women’s Natural Health Center, we assess your hormone balance and make natural and safe recommendations to improve any imbalances found within your hormone profile.

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How Does the Cancer Grow?

DNA mutation of a normal cell will allow for the onset of unregulated growth, in which the cells are not under the control of our body. However, in order for these cells to continue to grow, they require a constant supply of nutrients. Therefore, these cells create their own blood supply, a process known as neoangiogenesis. Because the breasts are rich in blood, the ideal conditions exist for the growing tumor’s needs.

Are you really getting a breast thermography?

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How Can We Detect Cancerous Growth at its Earliest Stages?

Current research suggests that multiple tests (ex: thermography, mammography, ultrasound) will detect more cancers at earlier stages. Breast Thermography has the ability to detect the thermal signs of blood vessel changes (neoangiogensis), suggesting the development of a pre-cancerous as well as cancerous condition. Consequently, breast thermography may be the first signal that rogue cells, uncoordinated by our body, may be building its blood supply and becoming bigger and/or spreading.

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